Pectus skiing again with Atomic Racing Academy

End of season '14 / '15 in the Dolomites. Join us and get out on the best ski in the Alps! In addition to professional training awaits you plenty of activities ... that will be the last time this season! See the site

Song "Barcelona" becomes life-changing for one of the fans of the band Pectus

"Happiness is so close, if you want it" this way Magdalena Koziol decided to seek for it. She wanted to be happy and enjoy life to the fullest. Along with the life coach Matthew Grzesiak lived by the lyrics of the Pectus song that is about dreams from which you can build your own destiny. The movie by Magdalena Kozioł finishing 100happydays

Maryla Rodowicz visited our studio.

A great star of Polish music, Maryla Rodowicz visited our studio. Maryla, is one of the ten extraordinary women who will sing a song on our 10 years of the band Pectus special edition album.

Pectus playing in Kielce's Philharmonic named after O. Kolberg.

After the holiday season filled with carols, we return to our repertoire vigorously. Waiting for the next Christmas carolling we are starting our jubilee year with endless ideas and the desire to share our music. Yesterday we played in Kielce's Philharmonic named after O. Kolberg. Although it seemed to be serious, as befits a Philharmonic, the band entertained the audience with a huge energy. The hit song "Barcelona" was the obligatory encore. Thank you all for a great time! Galeria

Pectus supports Foundation Centaurus

Work in progress on the new album. We are inspired by many things. Absorbing every sound, every image and every scent. We hide them somewhere in a little drawers in our minds so we can be able to reach for them when we feel we are running out of inspiration. We recall the memories, we learn new things and learn to see the world from a different angle. Among these various miscellaneous things that we want to transform into sounds we also find on our way new people, objects and more ... The very idea of helping moves us . Therefore, we want to support one of the largest pro-animal foundation in Poland, Centaurus Foundation. Very cool and noble idea accompanies this foundation. Centaurus Foundation took care of more than 600 horses and 200 other animals. We want to see these horses at a gallop because that's the only way they are able to not only inspire us as musicians, but as sensitive to the suffering human beings. Fundacja Centaurus

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